Victoria Walker

  • ‘It’s absolutely stunning, even more lovely than I had imagined. The attention to detail is wonderful.Joanne, on receiving her Rose Locket
  • ‘Thank you Victoria (and my husband!) for my beautiful necklace! An amazing 30th, 31st and baby present! I love it! I’m noticing even more detail on it than when we dropped in to your studio a few months ago! Such beautiful craftsmanship.Hannah, on receiving her Rose Locket.
  • Thank you so much for my rings Victoria! I absolutely love them and lots of people compliment me on them and how unusual they are.Anna, with her Lotus Ring and wedding band
  • It was really nice being able to meet you in your studio and to see all your work for real. For me it’s so impressive how you succeed to ‘translate’ nature into these small kinetic metal objects: they seem so real and delicate.Cordula, after visiting the workshop to order a Lotus Locket
  • We are delighted with Olivia’s Thistle Locket. It is a beautiful piece of jewellery, and already a beautiful piece of us too. Our daughter is still too young to fully understand its meaning or to be able to give the thistle the significance she wishes but we will make sure to explain where it came from and how much it means to her parents.Conrado, who commissioned a Thistle Locket for his baby daughter
  • I was overwhelmed when I opened it. I’ve loved your lockets since we first saw them, a few years ago, but never thought I would actually own one. I remember very vividly coming over to your stall and seeing you demonstrating how the locket opened to reveal the petals, and that my eyes filled with tears, because I was so amazed that someone could make something so tiny and intricate and beautiful. I’ve been wearing my locket every day, and it is really lovely.Kate, on receiving a Lotus Locket from her husband.

Victoria specialises in fine kinetic (moving) jewellery handmade in silver, gold, and diamonds.

Inspired by the beauty of natural forms, her signature seed-pod lockets feature tiny articulated flowers that emerge and unfold from within.

Intricate and timeless, Victorias work is often admired for its ‘heirloom’ qualities and makes the perfect gift to mark an anniversary or special date.

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